Monday, January 25, 2010


Ever since I started working at a liberal arts college - one that is saturated in the arts, I've wanted to attend classes to complete my degree program.  After all, this is one of the few perks of working for an institution that barely pays a living wage!  It used to be fairly easy to sign up and attend classes for credits, but the college has established new rules, some of which are ridiculous.  For instance, it's perfectly ok for me to work with our students in the office setting, but in order to sit next to them in class, I have to have updated vaccinations!  Really?  So I opted for the 'easy plan' - I hope to audit a class, and if I'm really really REALLY lucky, the professor will allow me to slip in.

You see, he's famous.  And his classes are always packed to the rafters.  Standing room only.

And he's been out of the country, so I have not heard back from his office about the possibility of attending the coveted class.  But this morning I woke up to find an email from him!  Yay!  And he wants me to stop by his office this afternoon.  Gulp.  Wish me luck.

Here's what I've been reading lately -

I wonder if there will be a quiz.
There's been some knitting and some reading about knitting - Amazon delivered this over the weekend.

I don't suppose Professor Russell would be too impressed, that is, of course, unless he's a Knitter!  Stranger things have been known to happen!  I could invite him to the Jared Flood workshop next weekend.  I think I'm getting ahead of myself.  Wish me luck!


Bea said...

I guess I'll have to check Professor Russell's book out. I've never heard of him before, but if everyone loves the class it must be worth something of a read. Good luck getting in!!

Morna said...

Your blog is looking lovely! Good luck with your class. Please, please read - cover to cover, every word - Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. :-)

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Good luck. What a great opportunity for you. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Jody.