Saturday, January 23, 2010


Business is slow for Scott, (alias Can-Do-Guy) which makes him uneasy.  It's hard to recall the last time his crew wasn't working on the construction or renovation of at least two or three jobs.  The building industry has taken a substantial hit by this wretched recession - not unlike many others.  But when Scott disappears into the Man Cave barn for a few days, something is brewing.  I'm guilty of winging a few barbed remarks his way - something to the effect of 'beating the bushes since the Jobs weren't knocking at the barn door' - mean spirited stuff like that, which I regret.  Here's why -

He wasn't sitting around twiddling his thumbs - and now I need to apologize for being such a miserable harpy.

There's a curious little post-script to this entry which just proves that sometimes the universe bends in and listens and delivers its own brand of sentencing.  As I was leaving the barn, having relieved myself of those small minded remarks, I hit an inconspicuous patch of black ice and landed firmly on my arse.  HARD.  Tears-stinging-the-eyes hard. And it was clear to me, at that very moment, that justice had been served.  So Scott, I am sorry for unloading my frustration on you - in my defense, I'd been working w/o a break for too many days.  I adore your furniture, your style, the color you chose for me.  You always get it right.

P.S. He's taking orders for this splendid I-can-get-some-of-my-stash-in-it cabinetry.  



Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! That is so gorgeous. If I didn't live half way across the country I'd want one...or three or four! Make him a nice dinner and give him a backrub and apologize one more time. Then forget it and enjoy your new cabinet.

MeinSie said...

Scott - hope I have a place someday to plead for one! Wonderful!

Bea said...

That's a really wonderful cabinet, I'm sure your stash will fit in it nicely. Don't we always regret what we say in a fit of frustration? I hope you didn't get too hurt falling on the ice.

Zoey said...

That is one gorgeous cabinet! I now where you are coming from about saying something hurtful when you didn't really mean it. I've been there. :(