Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sandy, I'm sewing!

More progress on the Granny Square blocks - and the little 'Juice Bar" piece is coming together.  
The original comes from the Ringo Pie group on Flicker.  Since my children are currently into a serious juicing phase, I thought that this would be fun for a kitchen wall.  
One last scarf, finished in time for summer storage!  
My blocking wires are hiding.  I've looked everywhere for them (very frustrating!).  Back to my linen/cotton vessels -
So much fun!  I could make these all day long and never tire of the process.  
As I sew, new ideas continue to unfold... there's an endless variety of combinations that I want to explore using the linen and patchwork, and ribbon, and beads, and ... well, you get the drift!
Nesting baskets!
Scott brought conch shells back from the bahamas.  He tells me that the large one is the female, the smaller the male.  Both hold the sound of the sea within.  Each time I pass the table I pick one up, hold it to my ear and am transported.
Sandy, one of my wonderful coworkers and I were having a heated conversation one day during the selection process.  (The month of March is quite tense in admissions and everyone is impacted).  Sandy and I were going back and forth over something (which escapes me!) and she finally threw up her arms in desperation and told me - "oh go SEW something!" which broke the ice and made for a good laugh.  So Sandy, I am home and I am sewing!


SusanB-knits said...

Love the little nesting bags!

Paulina said...

I love the bags. Do you put anything in the bottom to make them solid?