Saturday, April 28, 2012

a pea-less season

First, no rain - too dry to weed.  Now, too windy and cold to get out there and get the spring garden chores done!  I never even planted the peas. . . 2012 - a pea-less year.
But Mother Nature is not interested in my excuses.  Her work is never done.  This is one of many juicy buds on my 'Josephine' clematis.  She has never bloomed since I planted her several years ago.  The appearance of these succulent buds make up for the year without peas!
The tree peonies refuse to be eclipsed by some upstart named Josephine!  

Primrose and mysotis coexist peaceably.  The forget-me-not had a good winter and has spread into many smaller colonies throughout the lawn, paths and gardens  -  beautiful pools of icy blue that never stay long enough!

It wouldn't be spring without the achingly ready-to-pop allium!  All of these images were taken in a high wind - it's not your vision going whacky, it's my amateur photo skills!  Chives - I have missed you!

This little conifer has been eating its spinach!  It has grown nearly a foot since last spring.  Soon it will be too large for the herb garden and I will need to relocate it.
I have plans to introduce many new trees and shrubs into the gardens this year.  My goal is that of one whose knees have begun to ache in earnest!  I don't have the desire to plant flowers - yet.
The gingko just makes me happy.


SusanB-knits said...

I don't know if I'll do a garden this year. It was so stinking hot last year everything died. And it's already been in the hundreds here and it's only April! So maybe in the fall. Surely it'll be cool enough by then?!

JelliDonut said...

Since I no longer have a yard of my own, only planters and pots, you are NEVER allowed to stop gardening. If you do, how can I vicariously enjoy all the things I can't plant? The allium are my favorite, btw. Just so you know...

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I'm so sorry I missed your "pay it forward" post last week! I would have loved to have played. That sounds like a really fun idea. Don't give up, I bet if you try again it will take off! The family and I have been out of town since last Wednesday. Tony and I, my niece and mother-in-law went for a vacation to Atlanta. We had a wonderful time. One of the places we visited was the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I think you would have loved it. I especially enjoyed their orchid display. It was tremendous. You garden is really looking beautiful. I love ginko trees too. The street that I grew up on in Los Angeles was lined with ginko trees. It was breathtaking in the fall when they turned bright yellow. Your quilting project for your son is also coming out so nice! Have a great day ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

Suz said...

ah...such joy in your garden...good for you