Friday, March 30, 2012

hissy fit over

I have gotten over the big fit - my apologies.  Thanks to my blogger friends who tried to pat me back into place!  I really appreciate your concern!  I'm still not happy with this new format.  Clearly, change is not a strong suit and I could work on that.  Anyway, I've been busy.  Occupy the mind and hands ...
These colors paired together make me happy.   This is the Granny Square quilt block from blue elephant stitches.
Her tutorial is very good.
More bags - still haven't grown tired of these!  
I have a lot of fabric and it feels good to finally dig in and USE it for small instant gratification type projects.  These make such great gifts!  
 I believe that this 'vessel' will stay here, with me!  But you never know ...
There's been a request for a little wristlet - or two.  Finding zany brilliant zippers will be the challenge - I've got visions of magenta and orange, and of course lime!  Does anyone have a good source?  Company popped in -
Despicable!  STINK BUG!  They are coming out of the woodwork!  I am a confirmed naturalist, but this particular onslaught is freaking me out!  I am finding these bugs everywhere!  I talked to a local exterminator who services the college and he said that they have no natural predators, that they have imported in from China and that they are here to stay ... dear God, my cat won't even go near them!  My keyboard needs a good rub down - how embarrassing!
How about this image for an enigma - cold enough for a wooly headband, yet the grape hyacinths have bloomed.  Snow in the forecast tonight.  


Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Sorry to hear about the Blogger trouble, I love your new pink color and the new header picture! You have been really busy. your work as always is just beautiful. The colors you have chose for the quilted pieces are so pretty together. I especially like the green and blues. And your beaded you always say: "I could just take a bite out of them!" :)

I have been working on my needlepoint on for the last week. It is a pretty tapestry with bright Icelandic poppies. It is going to take me awhile to finish, but I love the feeling of watching each flower and leaf come to life as I stitch along.

Sorry to hear about the stink bugs. I have never seen those. We are having a really bad mosquito problem. The literally bounce off me for some reason and eat Tony alive. I think we are going to get our front porch screened in. It is going to be so nice to sit out there in the summer. Have a fun friday night! Delisa ;)

farmlady said...

The stink bugs are mating right now. That's why they are all over the place. I don't like them either but they are mild annoyances compared to larger problems around here. I dread summer because the Rattlesnakes will arrive... Maybe this will put the stink bug into perspective for you.
Love the headband yarn and the sweet grape hyacinth. Lovely photo. Perfect pairing.
Your quilting pieces are so lovely. Those squares are perfect. You must be very good at this.

Zoey said...

Hate those stink bugs! I have found a few inside my home, too.

I guess I missed the Blogger problem???? What new format?? You mean when you changed your template?

love the grape hyacinth with the wool headband. It snowed a bit here yesterday.

Paulina said...

That is the bug that was pulled out of my ear in the middle of the night at the emergency room I think some ten years ago or so. I woke up with it eating away in my ear canal. I drove myself to the hospital like a lunatic. The doctor had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to take it home with me as a souvenir. I hate those!!!

jayne said...

Stink bug is gruesome! But I think even it would have run scared if it saw the BIG black spider crawling across our sheets last night!
I might want to buy one of your bags to give as a gift. WOuldnt it be nice to give with maybe a book or a skein of yarn inside?

Bea said...

Totally want to make some of these granny square blocks. I love it when my favorite crafts come together so beautifully. lol.