Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a tower or two

Lally, this one is for you.  I meant to send these to you via email, but I'm not getting any cooperation from my computer.  Here goes;
If you do a headstand you'll be able to view thisIsn't that thrilling?  I know that you love your daily calisthenics.  (snort!)
This might be a smashing lining for the nesting vessels.  And my favorite - (not that it matters in the least!) ...
Although I've never been, this is, to my mind, Paris in the spring!  If any of these three fabrics appeal to you and Summer, let me know ASAP.  They go quickly!

While I'm here .... I've decided upon a name for my shop.  Let's see if you can figure it out...
No?  How about this -
One last hint -
It will be  'Willow'. 
Lally, I lied.  THIS is my favorite -
The nesting bowl exteriors look best in natural linen, so a jazzy lining can be a lot of fun. 

Did I mention that my daughter has me on a strict diet?  I think that hers might be the one that works for me.  It's exceedingly VERBAL.  She texts descriptive terms for FAT to me.  This morning she called our thighs marmalukes.  Marmalukes.  Mind you, her thighs are perfection.  One could bounce a dime off of either one of those beauties or write a sonnet to capture their loveliness.  MINE, on the other hand, are neither lovely nor inspiring. . . at least not any longer.  In truth, they had a good run - they had their day in the sun.  But you know how daughters can be - they want their mothers to look good.  If their mothers age well it's a positive reflection for them to gaze upon and comfort themselves with.  Don't worry Hilly - you've got good genes, I promise.


JelliDonut said...

I think of my thighs as pizza dough, but I like pizza so it's not a problem. I'm sure yours are fabulous.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, is that a picture of Harley when he was a baby? How sweet!. Also are you opening a store on Etsy or Ebay? If so let me know I would love to look at it. My dream would be to have my own tea room/yarn shop. I think that would be the most perfect combination. I have never seen one and think it would be really fun. I would want it to be a place that inspires serenity and creativity. Years ago before I became disabled, my friend and I were seriously considering the idea and we had started to work up a business plan and go out looking at locations. But alas it was not meant to be, but I still day dream and design and redesign it in my head. Who knows one day... :)

I love the picture you have for the powder room. I love the red and white toile print. When we lived in Switzerland I saw a lot of red and white combinations and it was really inspiring. I have been looking at fabrics this week for new curtains in our living room and dining room and met with a lady who may make them for me. There are so many designs and possibilities my head is still reeling.

Your garden is beautiful, sorry to hear about your tomato plants! We have problems with rabbits and deer chomping away at our plants. Have a lovely sunday evening! Delisa :)