Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it's gonna be a long one

It's admitted student Open House today.  ALL day. I'll need a few xanax and some ear plugs.
I'd rather be home in my work room, where everything makes sense and peace and quiet prevails.


Zoey said...

Love the string quilt. It's the same one I am making. :)

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I hope that your open house went well and that all is quieting back down. You have sure been accomplishing a lot! Your wall hanging is beautiful, I love the juice theme. How fun that you were able to stock up on your beads. I love your scarf too, those rainbow colors are just amazing! Did the yarn come that way or did you put all those colors together? What a beautiful combination. I am still working on my needlepoint and am making some good progress. I love watching all the flowers come alive one by one on the canvas. We are having some beautiful cool weather today, sunny and about 50 degrees, it is so energizing. I am hoping to spend some time outside today planning my garden. We are having a friend come out soon who is going to till up the yard and put in some new plants for me in the front of our property, along with a white picket fence right in front of the house. It is going to give the garden a real "cottage" feel. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead and get plenty of time in your sewing studio this weekend! With Love, Delisa :)