Thursday, April 5, 2012

There was a small pilgrimage to the bead mecca shop -
It's time to stock pile my beaded bags.
We are in the planning stages of developing a brick and mortar shop.  Do you remember this little building?
Take a good long look because the next time you see it, the transformation will be complete!  If all goes to plan, you won't recognize it.
Spring has come to redress the gardens - new outfits all around!


farmlady said...

Ah Spring... and all the new possibilities.
I love your yarn and knitting photos. Beautiful!

MeinSie said...

Ohhh! cannot wait to see your little shop!

Paulina said...

I too have made additions to my bead collection. I hesitated because I know in storage I have thousands, but they do me no good hidden away in some unknown box. When I uncover them, i will have to send you a package.