Monday, April 16, 2012

monday morning wants, needs, has-to-haves

Work is boring.  Imagining unlimited descretionary funds is not. 
A new powder room - I wouldn't change a thing about this except perhaps to add a small stack of current reads.  And some fresh flowers.  Tulips.
I'd like to have a brace of these to greet me at the door, flanked by my darling Harley, of course.
This is the patio that would make my heart sing - ocean for a backdrop, atlantic, please.
And I think that this would be a funny book to read, while lounging on my patio with my dogs -
 There have been so many changes these last few years that I have developed true gallows humor.  But it's all ok.  I am doing the best that I can.  We put my mother's house on the market this weekend and I will admit that the first sight of that realtor sign was off-putting.  It hit me somewhere, in a place where I live, where things can hurt and keep one awake at night.  Strange dreams followed and my day has had a blurriness, a grey cast to it. 
But then my darling daughter made me a salad and brought it to me for my lunch.  I am a lucky woman and I know it.
I do love these chairs and I would be completely satisfied to find my room transformed when I get home tonight -
Sweet dreams, me.


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

That powder room! I see that we share a passion for all things red checked. Must redo very old, decrepit house, esp bathroom, with red toile and checks. Lottery anyone??

MeinSie said...

Your post reminds me of the stove Tobias gave to me one Christmas - it was a PICTURE of a stove - for me, who loves to cook!
Lately, Garnet Hill knows all about what I look at on their site and I have poured some $$ into their coffers.
But it feels so good to have beautiful sheets and coverlets....I even splurged on Eileen Fisher sheets - no home stuff in our stores.
Glad Hilary is taking good care of you - I love being with Dulce - she tends to me too when she can.