Wednesday, May 2, 2012

green with envy

Will someone please explain the logic behind the saying - "the shoemaker's children go barefoot".  In this house it would be something like - "the carpenter's house goes floorless" (wall-less, windowless, wallpaper-less, you choose).  I'm becoming a bitter woman.  For years I have watched as the most glorious items have been constructed and then marched out of the wood shop to be delivered ELSEWHERE.  
This client is getting a new laundry room.  The envy that I experience seriously rivals these paint chips.
I have a kitchen floor that I call Splinter Alley.  Walking barefoot is a perilous business around here.      
Meanwhile, the carpenter keeps turning out these objects of my desire.  It's not fair.


Suz said...

woman put your foot down

Anonymous said...

the yellow pages!

Zoey said...

I understand your frustration, Jody. I agree that you need to put your foot down and insist it's your turn!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I sure do feel for you. Our problem is a little different. We need to have quite a bit of work done on our place too and as much as I want to get started, I am torn because I am so tired of living in construction limbo. We have had to majorly remodel all the houses we have lived in. Tony is not a carpenter but he is pretty handy guy and wants to do everything himself. But it has finally got to the point where we realized this year that we would have to get help. Which means saving a little longer and learning to accept the fact that the work isn't going to be done exactly the way he would do it himself. Hang in there pal, don't give up, it will get moving along soon. It is going to be so beautiful when you finish. Delisa :)