Friday, February 17, 2012

peas and carrots

Baby quilts and sweaters go together like peas and carrots.  
It's always a happy occasion when I'm asked to welcome a new baby - this one is Carson's first nephew.  Which makes Hilary an "auntie".  Which is a grand reason for me to pick up my needles and thread!
Cashmerino in my favorite shade - so soft and cushiony when knit in garter stitch.  The quilt top was originally a printed panel which caught my eye several years back.  I don't normally choose preprinted designs, but THIS had me at the "U"...
I couldn't walk past that little sea urchin.  Oh, and his friend - Mr Octopus -
I've dismantled this little piece and reconfigured it into a personal alphabet for the new baby.  It will be hand quilted and (I hope) ready to send out by the end of the weekend!  I have something whispering to me that I cannot shake.  It too involves little knits and a seaside theme.  See you later.


Zoey said...

That is a beautiful preprinted panel--I can see why you could not resist. The orange sweater is just perfect with that quilt. What a lucky baby!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, the sweater set and quilt are beautiful! My goodness what a sweet gift, I know they will treasure it always! I love the design, it is so much fun. Have a wonderful evening and happy stitching! Delisa :)

CleaStagnitti said...

What a gorgeous set! And I love the fabric you got.