Friday, February 24, 2012

beaded mitts and long awaited snow

We woke to snow - beautiful glorious snow!  In haste, I grabbed my small camera and went out with the dog to capture some of the magic.  When I uploaded this evening I discovered these images of the last of the holiday gifts - a pair of beaded mitts that went to live with a special friend and coworker.  I'd forgotten all about them!
Solemate - I've crowed about this fiber before!
The knitted floral bookmark was a nice and appreciated finishing touch.
I-cord.  I love everything about it.  I also found these images of a baby sweater that I designed.  I call it Creamsicle, named for my favorite ice cream on a stick.
I'm saving this one for a future granddaughter - from my mouth to God's ears!
The tiny biscuits and sweater are knitted in Baby Cashmerino ... the crochet edge was added by my BFF Patty.  One of these days I am going to learn how to crochet.  Maybe. 
 Enough with the knitting.  I want to show you the splendor of our countryside - and the reason I was deliriously happy  this morning.
The snowfall sealed up all sound - a silent wonderland, so still and inviting.
I followed my companion - he knows the best spots for exploration.
He'd gone lame the night before and I was worried about further injury, but he could not be held back - he NEEDED to go out and investigate!
The stillness was so complete that I actually HEARD these wings beating in tandem as they passed overhead -
I am concerned about my good dog.  He has never had any hip issues, or lameness of any kind.  It breaks my heart to see him moving about so gingerly.
We'll get to the bottom of it - we'll call Dr. Wonderful Garner tomorrow.


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, a million thank you's my friend for your loving comment yesterday about Barkley. I appreciated everyone's prayers and good wishes and they have helped me a great deal Barkley is so much better today. Still a little weak, but almost back to his old self.

I hope Harley has a good visit with the vet today and that all is well and they get right to the problem. He is such a sweet and precious boy! That is such a great picture of him playing in the snow. I love all dogs and all dogs are special, but there is something about golden retrievers and their extremely loving nature and willingness to please, that just wraps them around the heart. They bond so deeply with us. They have such a joy for life and they enrich the lives of everyone they touch.

I am feeling kind of like everything is surreal today. I went from feeling the lowest of lows earlier this week to the highest of highs and now my nerves are kind of jangled. I feel like a wind chime hanging in the breeze. It will be a good weekend to rest with the family and our dear puppy, knit and watch some old movies.

I love your gloves and sweater, they are so beautiful! What a cute idea to include the book marker. I have been working on some hats, and will have some pictures up soon. Thanks again Jody and please give Harley a pet for me and an extra milkbone! Delisa :)

Zoey said...

I am so glad you finally got some snow. It is beautiful! So are the knitted items. I was wondering what the flower was...a bookmark...what a great idea!

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

What a beautiful place to walk with Harley. We didn't have snow down here and it looks beautiful. I hope he is okay. I keep hearing about dogs that are sick. Hope he is not!

Paulina said...

How strange it is to be in NH and have no snow. they keep telling us we will have the downfall and still.... nothing. I came cross country because I miss the white of winter. Maybe next year.