Wednesday, February 15, 2012

letter to dad

You've been gone for one year, today.  My world seems infinitely smaller without you in it.  I know that a part of you hasn't really left, because I see you everywhere ... at the river's edge where you liked to park your truck and read the paper - imprinted in the little birdhouses that you liked to make that hang from my trees - in the faces of your grandchildren - 

I see an elderly man struggling with his aging body and I weep.  Your last years taught me about compassion, a lesson I needed to learn.  The family is closer now, another gift from your passing.  Last night your daughter and I watched the AKC Best In Show in true Mellenthin fashion - commenting on the judges, exhibitors and 'picking' the winners.  We all share that gift - given by you.

One likes to think that you are sitting up there with your famous father, smoking cigars, remembering what it was like to be in the winners circle.

Miss you.


Suz said...

Oh this was tender
I loved every word

Jayne said...

Beautiful tribute, said with a big heart and much soul, of which you have much.
Do you think they are laughing over our fury that the PEKE TOOK IT!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, what a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I love his picture! It sounds like your Dad really enjoyed dog shows. What you said about you father reminded me of my grandpa, he had a kennel when I was growing up and raised prize winning german shepherds and dobermans. Dogs were his passion and it was something that the whole family had a good time sharing with him. It is one of my happy memories too. Your post today was truly beautiful. Delisa

MeinSie said...

hi Jody

loved your remembrance for your father.
Especially poignant for me as my mom's last day was this past Saturday.
Dulce and I held her right through the last breath.


Paulina said...

My father has been gone almost 20 years. i can't believe it has been that long. It seems just yesterday you were sitting at my table drinking a beer having finished fixing yet another plumbing problem. It never gets easier. i think of him every day. I have my little urn with his ashes always near me to ponder.....