Tuesday, February 28, 2012

dreaming, again

Spent the weekend with two of my favorite things - the fiber is a given.
 The winter shoreline is saturating my dreams.  Its influence appears in all that I create.
My wish is to pack up the car and head east and not stop until I reach the ocean.  This guy would ride shotgun, of course.  He is my constant and perfect companion.


Paulina said...

I love this block. I am still in search of a book with 500 blocks to make for this project I am working on. Tiny little 6 or 8 inch quilts for women trying to be free of cancer. This block is beautiful. I see to the right a section of the Honeybee stole. Mine is coming along but the rest of the yarn is in Oregon. it will be on hold for many months. Hummmm

Bea said...

Love these blocks. So pretty!!