Tuesday, August 30, 2011

irene, or - a river runs through it

Irene turned our road into a running stream.

She brought down huge cherry tree limbs.
She created 'instant' trees - this is a branch that landed in the hosta beds and perfectly resembles an existing maple!
Her relentless winds blanketed the place with leaves.
Those same winds toppled my bean poles and revealed a tender crop, ready for the picking.
They are so pretty!
The giant pumpkin slumbered, undisturbed, throughout the storm.  We read and I knitted and the power held.
The Monday Morning Cardigan moves along slowly.  One has to remind oneself that the knitting encompasses front, back AND sleeves - all in one!  I really appreciate the strong kink-less cable of the signature needles for a heavy project like this one.
After Irene pushed through the sun came out, the air lifted and we enjoyed a spectacular summer day - blue skies, no clouds.
My prized castor bean 'tree' survived, and with it, the seed pods for future generations of plants!  What a relief.  All in all, we sustained very little damage - unlike my poor sister and her family in New Canaan, Connecticut where a huge tree fell on the house.  She is still without power, but the roads have been reopened.  Coastal living is enviable until the big storms move in.


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, so glad to hear you all made it through the storm. Earlier in the week there had been some talk of it hitting us and evacuation as well, but it skipped over the top of us. I'm sorry for the damage you and your sister had. Being without power for so long must have been very challenging for her. We have never had to evacuate yet, but it is something I fear. We don't live right on the coast, but still close enough that we get a lot of repercussions, when the big storms pass by. Your sweater is coming out beautifully! I love the bright orange color, it is going to be very fun to wear. I have just started my first pair of gloves. I am having a little trouble with the pattern, but I think I will catch on soon. I am making them with a deep purple, self striping yarn with bits of green, blue and cream. The yarn reminds me of African violets! Have a restful evening ahead, and I wish your sister and her family all my best. Delisa :)

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I just wanted to let you know how sorry I was to hear that Harley is not feeling well, please give your dear golden an extra pet from me and Barkley. You are both in my thoughts and prayers tonight and I hope they find what is wrong very soon. With Love, Delisa

Zoey said...

those castor bean seed pods are amazing!

I am so glad that Irene did not cause any damage, yet sorry to hear about your sister's damage.

Bea said...

So glad things didn't go so badly. I love looking at all the photos of your garden. Mine is struggling to survive. I suspect I'll have a few things to replace this fall if I'm still living here then. We NEED rain desperately. We finally got some relief from the heat this week, but rain would be wonderful.