Tuesday, August 9, 2011

thinking ahead

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday.  The inky skies of late fall where a crescent moon rides through the clouds; the spooky spine-tingling sound of the cornfield when the autumn wind rustles through the brittle stalks; the elongated  shadows that seem to crawl across the pumpkin patch; the little goblins that appear at my door, barking for goodies ..
There is only one thing wrong with Halloween - it is much too fleeting.  Here for one day, and gone - a sour sweet candy that dissolves too quickly across the tongue.
The season began with a discovery - a small embroidered piece that popped out from storage.  A Lorry piece.
She loved her embroidery machine and generously handed out samples to our quilting group.  This honey bee made me think about fall and the harvest and a natural procession issues - Halloween! 
I have scavenged the orange fabric bins.  It's easy to get lost amidst one's favorite colors.
A dilemma presents itself - I am torn between the images of the harvest - the scarecrow, the blackbird, the produce, and the icons of All Hallow Even.  Can they join hands and coexist?  Is synergy even possible?
I'm all over the place.  I may have to resort to a sampler (groan).
The one thing of which I am certain - this is the year that I WILL finish a Halloween quilt!


Suz said...

I love that little bee!
a halloween quilt? yes...get going
I have been thinking of halloween too
what's wrong with me....I couldn't wait for spring to come

Zoey said...

I think they can coexist. Go for it, Jody!

farmlady said...

I've never seen a close up of this kind of quilting before. It's amazing. I can see how you do it and how you shape a pumpkin. It's really cool.
Keep going and I know that you will have a quilt for Halloween.... and it's going to be wonderful.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I hope you are having a great day and keeping cool. It hit 104 today and feels like we are walking through a steam bath! :) Last night after it cooled down a bit, I made two peach pies. Fresh peaches are one of the nice perks about living in Georgia and they almost make up for the humidity and heat! :)

I love the little embroidered bee. I also love the technique you used with the fabric in the last picture, the folding and seaming gives the piece a very three-dimensional feel. Your quilting, is so incredibly beautiful and intricate. I love it when you share pictures of your many projects. Every time, it's like a jolt of creative energy surges up through the computer and jumps off the screen and into my heart. Seeing and hearing about your work is very invigorating and inspiring! :) Have a wonderful afternoon ahead. Delisa :)

MeinSie said...

so jealous of your productivity - wish I could quit my job!

lifeinredshoes said...

OK, just looking at this makes my brain hurt!