Thursday, August 25, 2011

the calm

This is the way that it goes; when I spend endless hours tidying the gardens, a storm will follow.  And rumor has it that this one will be of the hurricane variety!  After watching the news last evening I decided to take some images of my efforts.  When and if 'Irene' comes ashore she'll probably trash the place!
Nicotiana does not do well in a high wind.
The potted canna should be fine, but I may have to take the dahlias into the potting shed.  Same goes for my antique wagon with marigolds!
I like the look of a freshly clipped edge -
The lonicera which has blanketed this lattice for over 10 years is beginning to thin and appear sparse (it reminds me of a certain someone's hairline!).  The climbing hydrangea has ideas of its own - I'm noticing that it is inching in on the honeysuckle.  Nature has the final word.  The gardener learns to stand back and simply observe!
Notice the pile in the wagon - I take no mercy on ancient lilac or marauding maples!  The tractor may have 'expired'. Someone is going to be irritated.  Someone stronger than me will have to deal with it when he gets home.
All is calm in the ginger bed -
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this state of affairs remains.  We don't do well with gusty winds as our trees are mostly elderly.  Ever since a large portion of the maple landed on the house last summer, I have a massive aversion to storms, period.  I don't find lightning and thunder thrilling on ANY level.
We'll just have to follow Harley's lead.  We'll just have to wait it out.  Of course, there will be knitting, even if done by candle or kerosene light!  I have some Cascade 220 in a vibrant color - you know that shade that you often see in jumpsuits being led into a courtroom, or perhaps on a road crew waving a flag - or in the fall, on the heads of deer hunters trying to outwit and avoid one another ... and especially on this guy -
Monday Morning Cardigan by Laura Chau - my feeling is that if I have to be at work and wide awake, why not spread the joy?  What says GOOD MORNING better than orange?
This yarn was gifted to my by my BFF - she'll be happy that I am knitting something in it!  Oh, and a few last thoughts about the hurricane -
These are the fellas that I am most worried about in Irene's path - they JUST bloomed last week and the honeybees are delirious with joy.  When the winds come there won't be anything that I can do to save them.
But this guy, along with his siblings, knows what to do when the storm begins -
TAKE COVER!  Be well, and safe.  Go get some bottled water and toliet paper - it's good advice.


SusanB-knits said...

I pray that Irene dies down or goes farther out to sea and you don't have much damage.
I have many family and friends in MD.

Zoey said...

Hi Jody,
I had to chuckle when I read the hairline comment. :)

I hope Irene does not make a visit to your area. I did not realize that you have so many potted plants. High winds are never good for tall plants. I really hope it's not the calm before the storm!

I love the orange yarn.

Suz said...

such a gorgeous place you have the frog and the sunflowers.....maybe Irene will pucker out....we can hope...the hairline joke...too funny
how's the waistline? more thing....that wagon is NOT an antique....I had one like that when I was a girl

Jan Ely said...

I hope you all make it safely through this storm!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of Harley boy in this post! He misses his pal and fellow canine, or did he sense the barometric running amuck before the hurricane? The gardens look beautiful!