Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday found us in Scranton, visiting Scott's youngest daughter.  She has graduated from her nursing program at Marywood and joined the working world!  AND she has her first real apartment which needed the bed that we were transporting for her.  The ride from NY to PA was pleasant - it's always a treat for me to be the passenger.  I had my knitting in my lap (of course) and I succumbed to a nap or two!  After we got the bed settled and lunch taken care of, it was time for a quick visit to the only yarn shop in Scranton - The Electric City Yarn Shop on Ash Street.  Small, bright, friendly and MOST important, the carriers of Lorna's 'Outlast' yummy-ness!
The addition of Outlast is supposed to provide some kind of temperature control for the feet - it's reported that NASAR uses it!  Well, they had me at the colors ... one for mom, one for moi.
I was reminded that my BFF's daughter will be giving birth very soon.  Time to pull out the hoodie that I started in KnitPicks Simply Cotton Worsted -
This is a sweet baby sweater and it knits up quickly and beautifully in the cotton.  I hope to finish it this week and start a blanket and a quilt.  I also have "back to school" sewing which I've neglected until now.  It seems as though my vacation is screaming toward its end! (sniff) 

Scott is still working in the city.  On Sundays I round up vegetables to send with him for grateful city friends.  I also sent along a 'scrubby' to help with some of that city dirt!
The scrubbies are quick, inexpensive and very useful!  I buy bridal tulle on the 6" roll and cut it into 2" strips.  I knot together these long strips and knit them right along with the cotton... bumpy, funky and fun!
Cast on 18 stitches and knit every row until piece measures about 5 inches.  Bind off and enjoy!  They would make great pot scrubbers and rumor has it that they work exceedingly well on rough tired feet!
A stack of them would be a nice gift for someone who washes dishes (yes Virginia, we are a rare and disappearing breed, but we DO exist!)  When you can finally afford copper, Le Crueset or All Clad, you hesitate to jam them into a dishwasher!  Still, there are times when I long for a nice Viking dishwasher ...

The last daylily is stretching out its swan song in such a beautiful manner -
Summer is moving on - one can feel it in the cool evening breezes.  There's been a lot of activity in the sky as the Canadian geese seem restless now.  Can the harvest be far behind?


SusanB-knits said...

This is the third time I've heard about the new Lorna's Laces yarn. I must get some to try!

Exuberant Color said...

I had never heard of adding the tulle to the cotton yarn when knitting. I have to try that!! I hand wash the few dishes I use and fill and run the dishwasher once a month just to keep the hoses from rotting. Of course I use the dishwasher when I have company though.

Zoey said...

The scrubbies sound great! I am one of the rare breed who still washes all her dishes by hand.

JelliDonut said...

If I could put the dog through the dishwasher without hurting her, I probably would. But there are some things even I still hand wash. Will try your recipe for scrubbies soon!