Thursday, September 1, 2011

the calm after the storm

My Harley dog is sick.  He has some unspeakable problems that involve his nether region.  Our vet is out of town, so we went to the stand-in guy and unfortunately came away with ZIP for answers - even after intensive tests.  It will be a very good thing when our vet returns.  He is a Prince.  He explains everything.  And there is nothing that he will not do to make a difference, to ensure that our beloved animals are being treated and assisted.  So, we have been taking it very easy this week.  Antibiotics, special food, rest.

I have to say this - Harley is a gentle sweet soul.  But he was MUZZLED at the request of the stand-in vet.  His eyes went dark, he growled and carried on.  What was THAT about?  It was heartbreaking.  He attempted to climb into my lap (all 94 pounds of himself!) and he tried to scale the wall.  It made me ponder ...

When we returned from having Jack euthanized last month, Harley spent a lot of time sniffing our clothing as well as the blanket that had last encased our little terrier.  When we arrived at the vet hospital yesterday, Harley put on the brakes!  He tried to slip his collar - he wailed - he was not going inside!  I wondered if he was being informed in some special way - a voice from the grave reminding him that THIS could be a one way ticket!  I know.  I NEED  to get a life.  But it was so ODD for Harley to behave in such a fashion.  Anyway.

Since my dog needs to be kept quiet, I made bread.  It's one of those activities that does not seem to incite the sensitive olfactory glands of my boy - unlike hamburgers on the grill or a roasting chicken.  Bread does not move the dog!
These are my Oatmeal Honey loaves, preparing to slip into their long bake.
Gorgeously delicious.  If Scott doesn't get home soon he will find a kitchen full of bread chards and a 300 pound partner!  I also made a kettle full of butternut squash soup - straight from the vines!
Waiting for this to cool down enough to whip it into a saffron-colored, thyme and cumin scented feast!  I have nearly a dozen squash in the garden awaiting their turn!  The roma tomatoes are out of control -
I keep picking, washing and giving them away!  I'll make some sauce for the winter months this weekend.  I've been sewing and quilting - this is a nice light weight shirt for the fall.

I have grandiose plans for a new raincoat and a velveteen tunic as well as others - this is a rayon challis two piece that is almost finished!
I am working on a tutorial for my friend who wants to learn how to paper piece.  It's exciting to go back to the basics to attempt to present this method in a way that will be understandable.
I plan to begin with a maple leaf.  My friend is a genius and I know that she will be on the floor laughing when she realizes the simplicity of this method!  It will throw open the doors and windows for her - I fully expect to see some astonishing results!
And Lori - I am working to get this witch to you FINALLY!
And Amy - thank you for tracking me down to make certain that the hurricane didn't annihilate us!  We are all safe and semi-sound.  I'll call you this weekend!
Here's a shot of Harley and his beloved Andrew -
Life is good.


JelliDonut said...

Poor Harley! How's he feeling today? It's just so hard when our fur babies are out of sorts. I hope he's back to his old self soon. Meanwhile, you have turned into a whirling dervish! That bread looks amazing, but so does everything else in this post.

SusanB-knits said...

awww, I hope Harley is feeling better today.
Your oatmeal loaves look delicious! Is it an easy recipe? And I've never tried squash soup.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I'm glad to hear that you and Harley are having a restful day at home. I'm so sorry the vet was not able to tell you anything concrete, I can only imagine how distressing it is. You mentioned that they muzzled Harley at the vet, they did that to Barkley too when we took him in the last time for the fire ant bites and I know it is very disturbing to see. I was doing a little research online, because I was curious as to what conditions could make a golden vomit and have bleeding as well. I came across a site that said if vets are concerned about possible internal bleeding they will always muzzle the dog, because one of the side effects is anxiety. They are afraid I guess no matter how sweet the dog is that if they press on a painful place on the abdomen the dogs instinctive reaction is to snap. So perhaps that is why he did it. I'm so sorry that Harley was frightened. You are taking wonderful care of him, and I'm sure when your vet gets back they will find the proper course of treatment. Perhaps this is something that will run it's course and having him rest this weekend may be the best thing. Hang in there, answers are coming. Enjoy restful weekend together, and all that wonderful fresh bread! With Love, Delisa

Zoey said...

More yummy food--the bread looks like it would be to-die-for when toasted. Reminds me that I need to make my English muffin bread. September always encourages me to make a few loaves and freeze them. There is nothing better than E. muffin bread toasted.

Cute witch.

September also always has me starting a new quilting project. I am working on another paper-pieced fairy godmother block right now. I bet your friend will be so grateful when you teach her to paper piece. I wish I had a friend like you to teach me. I had to figure it out myself--took me years to even try.

I hope Harley is feeling better.

Bea said...

I hope Harley is feeling better now!