Thursday, August 4, 2011

connecticut afternoon

Mom and I went to New Canaan yesterday to have lunch with my sister.  A visit to our fabric mecca, Banksville Fabrics was also on the agenda.  If you sew and love really exceptionally fine fabrics, go to Banksville in Norwalk, Ct.  Bring your checkbook AND your plastic!

There is a subtle, yet significant change in the landscape as one leaves Pound Ridge, NY and travels into New Canaan, CT.  The country road narrows and is lined with the kind of lush foliage that we do not see here.   Trees are not cut away for power lines and homes are framed with exquisite fences, mostly stone, that go on for miles.  The homes, many of which are gargantuan estates, stand sentinel, exuding wealth and entitlement and absolute beauty.  Horses and tennis courts dot the landscape.  It's hard to be the driver when one wants to press one's nose against the glass and take it all in, again.  I adore this part of Connecticut.  Our loved ones were waiting for us to arrive -
Do you remember Clementine?  She is the original Velcro Dog.  I want to smuggle her into my car and bring her home.
Since her separation anxiety rarely allows my sister to go to the washroom without her, I suspect that we'd have some problems with adjustment!  She is the dearest little girl.  Lunch was ready - my sister always treats us to something delicious.  
Fresh cool pea soup with yohurt, heavenly croissants stuffed with egg salad and fresh tomato.  There were cookies and cake for dessert - YUM!  And then it was time for a stroll.  
If you've stopped by my sister's blog,, you know that she is a gardener par excellence.  This lovely, Agastache (Hummingbird Mint) caught my eye.  She has three varieties, all potted in the most gorgeous Italian terra cotta pots.  The deck is comprised of three levels, all of which are dazzling to the eye.
Her Agapanthus is magnificent - I'm pretty envious as mine are still in the basement wondering, "where in the hell is the gardener"!  (will we ever see the light of summer???)
Every where one looks - a small bit of paradise -
She has created the kinds of exterior 'rooms' that make one want to sit and knit away an afternoon!  No time for that today, as beyond the decking lies another small garden and the best (in my opinion) feature of the property.
The resident woodchuck has wiped out these vegetable plots three times this season!  I brought squash and swiss chard, onions and pesto from my garden and they were gratefully received! 

To my way of thinking, there is nothing that can compare to a water feature on one's property.  
Moving water, fed from a fresh source, one that continues on its way to the Long Island Sound.  This pond is teeming with life.  I wanted to put on my wellies and wade right on out!  I could have spent the afternoon in the water!
A muskrat family, frogs, fish, ducks, dragonflies, and yes, I've saved the best for last -
You have to look very closely - do you see him?
A snowy egret, leisurely fishing for an afternoon snack.  Be still my heart!  Jayne tells me that she has has visitations from entire flocks of these magnificent creatures.  Deep sigh!

It was a splendid afternoon in Connecticut.  I didn't want to leave.  
We enjoyed every single moment!  You'll have to excuse me now - my shabby gardens are calling.  And I wonder if its too late to bring up the Agapanthus!!!!


Zoey said...

Your sister has a beautiful garden!

That lunch looked very good. I have never eaten cold pea soup, but I think I would love it.

I am going to check out her blog.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, wow, what an incredible post, your pictures are gorgeous. Your sister has a lovely garden, my goodness! I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful day together. Delisa :)