Saturday, August 13, 2011

a good day

Saturdays that include cooking dinner for the firemen, planting the last of the marigolds, finishing a terrific book, seeing a movie with friends and MAYBE sneaking in some knitting on Leaving, are the best.
Along with this, freshly sliced COLD sugar baby watermelon and poppy seed cake.  That's right guys, we appreciate all that you do!  There was a huge fire yesterday which kept our firefighters at work for hours.  Nothing is too good for these men.

I know that august seems late to be planting anything, but I have leftover marigolds saved to accompany small mums for a fall display.  My pumpkins are slumbering mightily, awaiting their debut... no images allowed! 
Wandering around my Saturday gardens - feeling unquestionably at home in this world, my resident nomad sleeping, silent.  
The gardens, this place, sometimes curb my appetite for wandering and getting lost.  I am missing the ocean this season, and hoping against hope that the opportunity will present itself to dip my toes in the Atlantic again.  I'll be ready to go at the drop of a hat, or whatever it takes!  I'm keeping the gas tank full.
My window boxes are juicy after all of the rain.  They'll be fine without me when the ocean calls.
Knitting on Anne Hanson's wonderful Leaving sweater can only be done in daylight.  (This is my newest preoccupation).  I have discovered another knitter through our splendid Ravelry network who is knitting this sweater as well.  She's much more advanced a knitter than I, so I hope that she will not object to the inquisition that might develop!  Just kidding, ArtLady.  You should go and drool over view her work - stupendous!
I love the Cascade 'Epiphany', but it doesn't love me when the light fades.  That's my signal for this - a good read, one that has comforted me so much.  (thank you, Chrissy!)
This book is a kind of spiritual treasure for anyone who loves and loses their canine companion.  It takes patience to learn deep love over time.  And patience to heal when the love departs.


Zoey said...

Hi Jody,
Your flowers are looking good. I see you have a Tropicanna 'Gold' blooming. I have a lot of pretty big leaves on mine, but no bloom yet on 'Gold'.

What a great idea to save some marigolds for a special fall display. They will look great with pumpkins. I will be looking forward to seeing that display!

Suz said...

ah that book was awesome
That which you manifest is before you
You're a sweet woman to cook for those firemen

Morna said...

Oh - the book - I'm sad just thinking about it. Did you go to see the puppies? BTW, I love that you "need" a Penny Pocket Doll. :-)

lifeinredshoes said...

Well hello new friend! You are quite the crafter, and your quilting is fabulous!
I don't knit, I barely crochet, but I still manage to keep everyone in snazzy dishcloths :)
Our canine companion Gracie is going on 12, and we see her slowing down more and more. Maybe I should read the book?

Bea said...

Loved this book. Your garden box is lovely.