Thursday, February 10, 2011

a new day

The sun is shining.  My cyber friends have talked me down from the ledge.  I thank you so very much.  I'm reassured that I don't have to apologize for expressing such raw feelings last post.  Thank you for that, too.  I have placed myself in the arms of the only people who 'get it' - my women friends.  You provide a soft cushion and the fall was not damaging because of your care and concern.  I am learning the things that I needed to know, again!

I have some closure to post!  Hilflowers is finished, finally.  Not blocked, but all ends tucked in.  I like to block outdoors, under the apple trees.  Currently, there is a 2 -3 foot wall of snow between the trees and the back door, so this piece may have to wait for blocking.  
It's so pretty - Anne Hanson is a brilliant designer.
This shawl took an awfully long time to complete, but it was a pleasure in every sense.  
I came across my old Rowen DK and Kidsilk cardigan and thought that they might like to meet -
After all, they'll both become part of my archival fiber trunk - pieces that have long outlived their usefulness, but are too special to be relegated to felted pot holders or draft keepers!  I can envision myself as an old crone, wobbling about in my gardens wearing this piece - frayed elbows, moth holes ...
I wonder if it will still fit me when I am stooped over with an old lady hump!  This sweater was a labor of love, inarguably my favorite and most expensive to knit -  I think that it was a Kaffe Fassett design - Wanda, does that design look familiar to you?  His quilt and knit designs are so interchangeable and timeless.  A back shot, just because...
My friends have suggested that I take it easy today and care for myself - to relax.  So I looked up the definition of the word relax and stumbled across THIS, which I think is quite interesting.  'RELAXIN' (ri-lak-sen) A female hormone secreted by the corpus luteum that helps soften the cervix and relax the pelvic ligaments in childbirth.  Women have always known - in fact, by nature we are in synch with what matters.  We are complete - we are ALL, contain ALL, that we need.  Now I can move toward forgiveness.
auf Wiedersehen!


JelliDonut said...

That cardigan and Anne Hanson's shawl are amazing, but so are you! It would take me 100 years to finish those.

Hitting the Agree button. Amen, sister.

Exuberant Color said...

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the sweater is that it had to be a Kaffe Fassett design and yarn. I never knitted anything from his designs, but I sure drooled over them.

I love the color of the shawl. what did they call the color?

Bea said...

The shawl is really lovely. It'll keep you warm and cozy I hope. I'm glad you are trying to relax.