Tuesday, February 22, 2011

jellybeans and jewels

The holiday candy aisle at the local Hannaford is awash in my fav candy;
Russell Stover jellybeans tell the story - that I have managed to survive Christmas, stumble through Valentine's Day, and am fast on the road to Easter!  I think that it's going to be all right.

My BFF Patty and I knitted together on Sunday.  We each started the Citron shawl in a breathtakingly beautiful yarn - it's Maple Creek Farm Norfolk - a silk, cashmere and woolen treasure.  The fiber is so soft and agreeable that it practically knits itself.  If you could have seen us trying to figure out the beginning of this pattern you would think that we were perfect morons.  It took about 15 to 20 minutes before we grasped the meaning of 'alternate' rows.  Duuuhhhh...  but once we GOT IT there was no turning back ...
The last two days have found us texting and calling one another to see who is finishing first!  At the moment we are neck in neck on round three -
But I have had to stop often to admire my beaded bracelet.  It looks so at home resting against this fiber with its pale pink and grey and pearl beads - as if these two were meant to be together.  


Paulina said...

Where do you find these luscious yarns? I need a car.I knit constantly but not like you. I need a knitting cohort. Someone to travel with to find the yarns. Or more time to knit so I can make more things. I think you obviously knit a lot more than I do. I am so jealous.

Jody said...

you probably just need to find work in this area and move here. wouldn't that just solve everything? i avoid housework. and I love to go to Sheep and Wool festivals where all of the best yarn is - HOWEVER, your area boasts some real heavy weights ... I'll send a list! xoxox

Zoey said...

Hi Jody,

Your bracelet is just perfect with that yarn!

JelliDonut said...

I bought some grey yarn at Madrona. This is very tempting... Did you make the bracelet? Gorgeous!