Thursday, February 3, 2011

back to the grind

It's back to work for me today, after a day and a half off.  I enjoyed this time so much and especially because of the one thing I DID NOT DO ... housework!  There was reading -
There was a lot of cooking and baking - pot roast on Tuesday, chicken and dumplings on Wednesday and two loaves of honey oatmeal bread (mom will get her loaf today! Ours is almost gone.)
I pulled out my Magic Bullet and will make myself a smoothie to take to work this morning - blueberries, flaxseed oil, wheat germ, cranberry juice (watching Dr. Ox and talking to Patty again!)  I have resolved to eat more sensibly in 2011.  I probably could have cut out that third slice of homemade bread!  More than anything else, I worked in my sewing room and played with the dogs in the great white winter landscape.
My Valentine runner is coming along beautifully - the reds are very intoxicating to work with!  As I put these cottons together I think of how smashing it would be to have such a quilt on the bed, reserved for the dreary month of February.  I'm still on the self-imposed fabric diet.  This includes new projects.  (sigh)
I was about 300 rows short of finishing my Hanson Hilflowers shawl.  Something didn't look correct.  I checked the chart and dammit, I had left out rows 13 through 16 ... TWELVE ROWS BACK!  This is a first for me.  It is a humbling experience!  I have to go frogging -
I'm pretty sure that it's HIS fault.  It's difficult to keep count when the snoring factor is so loud!


Exuberant Color said...

I LOVE your valentine runner! Yes that would make a neat quilt, but oh it would take so long to make with those blocks. thanks for the cheery red perk this morning.

JelliDonut said...

I have a nice, quiet guest room, ready and waiting for you. But you have to bring some of that bread. And chicken and dumplings. And that red runner. Don't forget the red shawl. I already have the BW book AND my own snorer, so you can leave them home.

Quiltnbee said...

LOVE the fabric and yarn colors! Those blocks are great. I feel your pain re: frogging. I had to rip out most of my cardi front because I found a mistake waaaaaay back...though it would have been invisible to most, I knew it was there and my eye went right to it every time so I finally just got on with it and ripped it all out...sigh...But, now I'm on the sleeve so it's all good =-)