Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Do you ever tire of images of yarn?  I don't.  This came today - from WEBS.
It's even yummier than it appears - Misti Alpaca and I are having a relationship.  I'm hoping to get it skeined and started later this evening.  Presents and surprises.

 I was out on the front porch earlier where I like to sit in the mornings with a cuppa.  But, I am sorry to report that there is trouble in paradise.  Where we once encouraged and were delighted by a house wren or two building their little nests under the eaves, now we are faced with many many bad tenants.  Dirty birds.  Birds who build sloppy houses and make a terrible racket and use our table, chairs and all other surfaces (including the front of the house) as toilets.  They also drop their eggs onto the porch which makes it impossible to enjoy one's coffee while stepping over ruined yolks.  

Scott has tried many remedies - beginning with the painting of the ceiling to resemble the sky (i.e. no protection for the nests).  People.  I don't know which genius came up with THAT theory, but trust me, it's BOGUS.  

Then he tried building screens, which they kicked out.  Then he ordered some plastic doohickies which were guaranteed to discourage nesting - again - useless.  These pointy plastic things were not inexpensive.  See how they mock us?
 I KNOW that they are making fun of us - snickering through their dirty bird beaks.
People that know me understand that I have a soft spot in my heart for all of God's creatures.  I mean them no harm.  I would not allow Scott to touch these nests until the babies hatched and flew away.  But these damn birds are relentless.  They lay 'em, hatch 'em, kick 'em out and START OVER AGAIN!!!
It's hopeless.  


t does wool said...

;) sweet post.
happy weekend

Paulina said...

Did you try charging them rent. How about putting something unpleasant up there like hot pepper flakes or painting the ledge with hot mustard or something really repulsive like tacking down Scot's socks after a hard day's work?