Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Handsome young firefighter, carrying blue flag.
That's my son, Andrew.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy returns of your day.  You are an extraordinary person and the best son imaginable .. most of the time.  You've grown into someone that we are so proud of -strong, sweet, brave, compassionate, sensitive, funny, argumentative, intellectual, loyal.  I wouldn't change much about you except, perhaps, for the motorcycle.  I want you to have an amazing year because you deserve all of the love and happiness and JOY that life holds.  I want you to be cherished and respected and adored and FEEL it, KNOW it, never have to question it.   I want for you what you embody - honesty and integrity and the ability to take the high road without hesitation - the very very BEST of all things.  This is my birthday wish for you - good health, good luck, good laughter, good times, good work, good love -EVERYTHING GOOD!
all of my love,

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Bea said...

Happy Birthday to your Andrew! (Oh yes! This is Abby's Birthday too!)