Sunday, May 2, 2010


There is a serious mistake in this block.  I elected to leave it and continue on ... the marbled fabric is precious to me and I am working with small amounts of it as well as the others - no room for waste on this one! 
Quilters who plan and chart and predetermine their design and fabric choices are my heroes.  I am always in awe of that kind of meticulous productivity.  Although having tried it, over and over, this is a system that does not work for me.  I get busy - either it happens, or it doesn't.   I cross my fingers and pray to the fiber Gods to make my yardage follow me to the finish!  
This morning's effort is my pet, so far.  I should be out planting the lettuce and onion sets, but this little charmer has me glued to the sewing area.
Truthfully, I have no concept of where this project is headed.  What I do know is that it soothes me and quiets the desire to hop in the car and head for the shore.  As I work, I think ocean thoughts.  I let the sounds and images of my favorite landscape guide me.  I read somewhere recently that if one listed one's three greatest desires, and none of the three conflicted with the others, one could be assured a happy life.  
Think about it.  
Mysotis - everywhere I look - not one area where it was originally planted.  Forget-me-not ...


Paulina said...

I have been staring at that block and I think I see the so-called serious mistake. We are so perfectionistic. And we are so moved. Directional. We are resistant to letting go. Once we begin, at times, we cannot stop. We must pursue. Yet, at other times, we are surrounded my un-ended endeavors.

Bea said...

So very pretty. I think the block looks fine and can't see at all where you've made a serious mistake.