Saturday, May 22, 2010


So you have been warned, gentle reader.  This entry has nothing to do with fiber - this entry is ALL about taking back the garden from the critters that refuse to be 'discouraged'.  Oh, something came in the mail - but do I have time to look through it?  Maybe tomorrow ...
It's my kind of read - and I am anticipating many wonderful projects to spring from this book.  I digress.  It was out to the vegetable garden at 8:00am.  And I stayed out there until nearly 6:00pm - and many wonderful plannings and plantings came to pass.  So, bear with me.  I'm going to take you through my newly seeded garden and I promise that I won't reveal any other pics of this plot until sultry summer comes to visit and the nasturtium and the Italian sunflowers and the zucchinis and the dill plants are heady and high.  
First off - the beautiful pots of parsley that were chewed to the ground have reemerged - oh happy day!  Parsley is like that - effervescent and reliable - a good friend in the garden - one that reappears in early spring, one that always satisfies. 
You are looking at the broccoli which was devoured and replanted.  I'm using a combination of landscape straw and black fiber to keep the weeds down this year.
More carrots, more yellow onions, more of everything now that the fence is in place...
This corner is ablaze with yellow finch who come for the thistle seed.  I've planted cabbage and a pot of Italian sunflowers here - by mid-July we will be enjoying much color and activity as the birds will have the tall flowers to perch and hid in.  Notice the hammock in the background - 
Everybody gets into it - no kidding!  What would summer in the country be without a hammock to relax in?
You've probably seen more than your share - it's hard not to be enthusiastic about a vegetable garden that is going to be sensational, beautiful AND productive!  There are zinnias and Mexican sunflowers and purple carrots and black beans - all manner of peppers - and squash and horseradish ... I am really excited about this garden.  Tomorrow I may post about a HUGE haul of yarn and needles that came my way - see you later!


Bitterbetty said...

Wow. The garden is huge and impressive (mine languishes lately) and your pup gets into a hammock?
Very cool.

Bea said...

I can't wait to see more as things grow in. I love watching gardens grow. I wish the heat and sun here didn't seem to kill most veggie plants immediately.

Abby and Gus want to share that hammock.