Monday, May 24, 2010


I edit the photos on this blog a lot.  Usually I don't comment on the heading, but in this case ... will you LOOK at that boxer!!!  Not only is he wearing one of my flannel quilts on his head, he is also laying on a really special piece which is intended for human use only!  Let me assure you - Bubbha is the only canine who can get away with such infractions.  There is nothing mysterious about the love we all share for that boy.  He can wring a smile out of the most deeply cantankerous of this lot.  I've seen it, I know it's true.

There hasn't been much knitting or quilting going on around here.  I spend an inordinate amount of time during the work day perusing the blogs of others who are more fortunate than I - those who have larger blocks of free time in which to knit.  I have to stop from time to time in order to accomplish my work load.  Bummer.  I have a new Wish List forming in my head which includes the likes of Blue Moon and Twisted Evolution (thanks, Maria!) as well as some serious Briar Rose and a cashmere which I cannot list because you'll all race to your wallets and get it before I do!  I did pull out a Knitspot lace project that has been clamoring for equal knit time.
I reminded it that it was an AUTUMN project -one that would have to get back in line and wait its turn.  Can you see that I have some serious UFO issues?  I do.  There, I've admitted it.  Again.  We are having a joint yard sale this weekend and I am contributing substantial amounts of great quilter's cottons.  CHEAP.  If you are in the New Paltz area, c'mon over - you won't be sorry.  I'm unable to part with any of my yarn.  I wonder what is up with THAT.

These beauties were waiting for me when I pulled into the driveway this evening.  My point-and-shoot camera cannot do them justice - they are truly Snow-White-prick-her-finger-blood-RED!!!  Amazing.  There's something else that I need to share.
I realize that this image is not great, but, bear with me.  You're looking at my 'Josephine' clematis - one that I planted two years ago - the same vine that never appeared last year, but, for some reason beyond my understanding, decided to emerge this past week.

Two years ago this week, I saw my Aunt Josephine before she went to meet her Maker.  She is my namesake and we were alike in more ways than I can list here.  She was an upholsterer by trade and she delivered the goods to the Rich and Famous and was never impressed by the trappings of the clientele that she served so magnificently.  She was a simple woman who possessed a great gift with fiber and children and animals and gardens.  She was loved beyond explanation.  She also smoked like a house on fire - as did so many women of her generation.  And she was struck down with lung cancer, which was further complicated by the stroke that she had while trying to deal with chemo.  In short, this sturdy woman of good farm stock didn't have a chance to fight for her life.  The last time that I saw her I leaned down to kiss her and all that she could manage with her total paralysis was to press her face against mine.
I quit smoking that evening.  I've never relapsed - not once in two years.  I'm done.  Thank you, Aunt Joey for this final lesson.  Why did I have to lose you in order to find myself? 

 Sometimes, when I fret over the money spent on bird feed and exciting perennials and cutting edge bulbs from Holland - I pause and think of you in your garden - and how you devoted yourself to beauty, both inner and exterior - the simple goodness that you exuded and the faith and love that you possessed, and shared.   I know that I am fortunate to have grown up in a world that you inhabited.  
I miss you, still.


Exuberant Color said...

I can't get good photos of my deepest red peonies either. Red is a very hard color to capture.

Bea said...

Sorry about you Aunt Josephine, but I'm incredibly glad you quit smoking.

What is this knitspot project?? It's lovely and I don't recognize the pattern.