Saturday, May 8, 2010


It took awhile, and went from this -
To a really pretty finish.  I haven't blocked, and I may not because the Melange has such a nice hand when knitted in garter stitch.  This may be for my mom, if I can bear to part with it.  My thanks to Amy Hendrix for the Mara pattern.   I am grateful to the designers out there who give us these lovely free gifts.
We woke to thunderous conditions and heavy rain - the perfect morning to trot over to the Loew's in search of tomato plants.  While we were there, a few other essentials 'hopped' into the cart!  Isn't that always the way?  Pauline, if you're out there - I thought of you!  I know that you would have enjoyed our little spree through the garden selections!
In years past I have made several trips to assorted nurseries in the valley who carry unusual and heirloom vegetables.  I pay more and have been disappointed, year after year.  So this year - I'm going for the 'garden variety' that Loew's carries.  It should be an interesting season. 
The lettuce is ready to hop into the soil - we could already be enjoying some of this!  Red peppers - 
Can you BELIEVE how pricey they are compared to their green-skinned cousins?  Appalling.  I've never had any luck growing peppers OR eggplant.  This could be a banner year though, because I have enough Liquid Fence to repel a small army of critters!  And all of their relatives.  
Have to grow lots of zucchini for Hilary - it's the one vegetable that she will actually walk out to the garden with me to collect!  I'll stop here, so as not to bore you with seedling images.  We brought the cannas and agapanthus up from the cellar - time to go repot and fertilize!
My fig trees look dismal ... it was a long hard stretch waiting out the winter - I'll keep a close eye on them and hope for the best!


Paulina said...

I hope you are laying into the earth more vegetables? I need carrots and cabbage. Where are the herbs? Or is it too early to plant? My favorite flower to plant is the Dahlia. Before this little hearth, I had a garden and had one garden dedicated to the Dahlia. From the end of spring till well into fall almost winter. I picked them constantly. I would put them in vases, glasses, and even cut them short and put them in a tea cup by my sister's bed. Who does not completely adore the Dahlia!!!

Bea said...

Gorgeous shawl.