Monday, December 14, 2009


These are the first socks that I ever made.  I measured Can-Do-Guy's feet and bought some Morehouse merino (thinking that $48 was a lot of money for socks, but ... never mind!) and here you have them!  He never wore them, claiming that they were too warm for work boots.  I pointed out that he could wear them indoors - like TV socks and immediately realized, by the expression on his face, that we were from different planets.  Guys just don't wear "bed socks"!!!  So, these wonderfully crude, yet warm creatures will probably never see the inside of an arch.  But it's ok.  I gained some confidence and decided that socks were not my favorite knit.

There was a lot baking going on over the weekend.  I had a helper ...

He waited so patiently to have a go at that spatula!

This is the best cheesecake in the country, paws down.

It has never failed me - it has always supported my kitchen prowess.  I'm willing to share it - send me a note if you'd like the recipe.  It's strictly New York Cheesecake - in its best form.  I also made a banana cake, a big vat of chicken and dumplings, and prepared the way for a shrimp scampi - tonight's feast.  It was a foodie kind of weekend.  I don't think that anyone minded!


Pam White said...

JOdy, I definitely would love to have that recipe. While I do not often imbibe in cheesecake, I know many who do that I would be happy to surprise them with!

Bea said...

The cheesecake looks yummy. Can you repurpose the yarn in the socks for something else?

MeinSie said...

a late request...Dulce always asked for cheesecake for her birthday - 12/22....I think Hillary has a December birthday as well?

Anonymous said...

Jody, I just found your blog (came over from Wanda's blog)and would LOVE to have your cheesecake recipe! Yummy, that sure looks good! (You can email me at quilternut (at) bariberger (dot) com - take out the spaces and all the other hulaballoo).

I have enjoyed looking back over your blog. Love your sense of humor and your quilts! I will be back to look around.