Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Selfishly, this blog revolves around what I create, what I'm thinking about, how I feel.  But there IS another half to this Cloudwalk equation.  And he is mighty creative and often resourceful - HIS weekend was about installing a wood stove in his barn.  At first I thought - oh oh, this is a BAD idea.  Wood stoves attract men who drive trucks and like to stand around drinking brewskis frosty beverages while shooting the bull and basically wasting, squandering whiling away the afternoon.  

What's going on in there guys?

Someone is awfully focused and I'm not seeing the trucks and the frosty beverages!

He loves his barn - it's his palace.  He got tired of heating it with the salamanders - those heavy kerosene fumes and horrendous engine noises can bring on a migraine ... not an environment conducive to creating unspeakably beautiful furniture...

Watch out for my Fairy roses!  Those ladders are carefully placed - he didn't harm a single twig.

This is a craftsman who knows the meaning of doing things the 'right' way - the best tools and equipment, 'cobbing' is not in his vocabulary.  Still, I liked the barn better before that big smokestack appeared.  I can't really complain - did you notice the beautiful color of this barn?  He let me pick it out - I chose "Hollyberry" and the first two coats went on leaning  toward a shocking pink!  Still, he had faith in my color sense and persevered and it all worked out - it's really very lovely.   Back inside the barn there are all kinds of treasures - Can-Do-Guy is a hoarder collector.

Even the sawdust and cobwebs cannot hide the delicacy of this old fixture.  I'd like to see it find feet and walk into the house!  I know exactly where it would shine.

This was undoubtedly one of the BEST treasures he ever dragged home.  When we have a party or are hosting a  holiday dinner, I never have to worry about food storage.  This cooler works like a dream and it lives a few hundred feet from the house!  How did we ever manage the Labor Day party without this bad boy?!


Bea said...

The coke machine is awesome. Maybe, when next he creates beautiful furniture, you can show us some pictures. I'd love to see. Chris' dad has a "barn" (his basement) where he works with wood. He has a fondness for bowls of all shapes and sizes.

Paulina said...

My Father had his garage. Only half, but it had everything including tools that were maybe a hundred years old. He could do anything in that garage. Every man should have a space of his own where he can know it is his. No one ever went in there to straighten it out or clean it. He took care of it himself. If we wanted to do any work in there, it was only if he was agreeable to it. I mean, after all, would I like it if someone sat at my sewing machine without asking? Mortal sin!!! How wonderful for him that he has great heat now. You will get used to it in time. How wonderful