Thursday, December 10, 2009


A resolution was made to avoid purchasing new yarn. . . a ban put firmly in place.  How in the world did this scrumptious cloud of pink make it through the picket line?  The postwoman did it - she delivered it in the rain and no knitter worth her wool could leave it out on the stoop.  To face the elements alone.  All wet.  And soggy. Possibly ruined. Right?

My mother made me do it.  She asked if I would knit something wonderful for her favorite nurse at the Care Center.  She offered to pay for it.  What could I say?  What could I do?  What would YOU do?  You would turn to WEBS to find the softest, most dreamy baby alpaca and ORDER IT!  Which is exactly what I did.  It was on sale, nearly 50% reduced.  My bad.


Bea said...

Sounds like a good deal. :) No harm in buying something you'll use right away and will make your mom and her favorite nurse happy.

I'm going to comment on your last post to, once I find two minutes together to read it!

Paulina said...

It would be a mortal sin to disobey your mother. It is in the commandments. You are such a good girl. I wish my mother would ask me to do this. Of course, I would tell her the yarn is double the cost so I could order some yarn for myself. Bad daughter. Bad daughter~~~~

Karen said...

I've made two of the stolen moments wraps so far. The pattern is delightful and they come out so gorgeous.

Maria said...

Now that you've obeyed your mother, keep the scarf!!!!