Monday, December 7, 2009


Bea, over at BAA BAA BLACKSHEEP just did a blog that allowed her readers an intro, or glimpse into who she is.  I liked it a lot.  I've been reading her for a time now, yet was pleasantly surprised to learn some new aspects of Herself!  So I thought, hmmm.  Good idea.  Let's give this a whirl.

First of all, it's 5:30 in the morning, and I'm baking corn muffins for a co-worker's birthday today.  This would be the first hint that I am a person who puts her feet down in the morning and is already behind!  I should have baked last night, but we had company and I was DONE.  Stick-a-fork-in-me-done!

I've drawn and painted since I was a child - and always thought that I would become a working artist.  As in - selling my paintings and living grandly by the sea!  My mother reminds me that I used to sing myself to sleep every night.  I'm guessing that parts of my childhood were blessed.  I don't always remember the good times.  I'm a worrier.  I went through a period where I experienced debilitating anxiety or panic attacks.  I like my own company best, as long as my family is nearby and I have my faithful four-legged companions afoot.

I am happy when time is not a factor and I can lose myself in some kind of fiber-y creation.  I have too many projects started - not enough finished, (I tell myself that this is the painter in me - canvases in various stages of completion would be acceptable in that profession!)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color orange.  A few years back a friend asked when I might be coming to the end of my 'orange phase'.  I cannot answer that - orange and saffron projects fill my head.  Cheddar is part of my sub conscience palate - appearing everywhere, any season, all occasions.  Fiber, in its many forms, is a passion.  It has replaced the linseed oil and turpentine and linen canvas that I used to love.

Rural living is essential to my spirit.  I am a keen observer, keeping my eyes open to the evidence that "earth is a great place from which to view the heavens".  My connection to nature is key to my well being and I feel that I shepherd this small place that I call home consistently, and well, and lovingly.  In short, I've finally, after all of these years, put down roots.  I feel as though I belong somewhere.  Here.  Cloudwalk.

I want to write.  My dream is to publish something meaningful one day.  The greatest love in my life is the love that I hold for my children. I would raise hell and crawl under for either of them.  There is no limit to my devotion and they are, on most days, worthy of it!  They have fulfilled and expanded my life in ways that I cannot express.

This is an old photo - at least two Christmas holidays ago -I really need to find some updates!  That's my son in the grey shirt and my daughter in the brown.  Aren't they great looking kids?  They both, in my estimation, have hung the moon!  Sometimes I catch them exchanging glances with one another, as if to say - what IS it with this old mother of ours?  Simple, children.  I love you in a place where there's no space or time.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie. Tom Arata sent me your link, suggesting I might be interested in your writing/musings/love of all things fiber! I'm a voice from your long-ago past -- Mary Anne Ellicott. Even if you don't remember me, I certainly remember you and just wanted to say that your blog is lovely and I too am an avid knitter/textiler (is that even a word?) and as yet, unpublished writer. My daughter and I started a blog this past year that is devoted to food and we're having a great time working on it together. She is a "realized" writer and earns her living writing for magazines. Anyway--glad Tom sent me your link and I will definitely follow your adventures on-line! Best Regards, Mary Anne

Pam White said...

That was a beautiful piece, Jody. I very much enjoyed reading it. It touched many points in my own life. Merry Christmas, my old friend.

Bea said...

So nice to learn a little more about you. We don't sound so different and I'm totally in agreement about rural living!

mary anne rittenhouse said...

I talked to my mom this morning RE: B. Blauweiss and her Kugel. Sad to say, Bea never wrote down her recipes, so we can't replicate her Kugel for you. She suggested one she likes that is in the V.Temple Sisterhood book, so when I have a moment I'll write it out for you! Enjoy this rainy day -- great for cooking or knitting or really anything but work!