Sunday, December 13, 2009


Can-Do-Guy is in charge of holiday lights.  Some years he throws caution to the wind and creates the kind of beauty that causes drivers to slam on their brakes.  One season, the December following 911, he created a miniature lighted twin towers on the face of the barn.  It was solemn and beautiful, a righteous testimony that needed expression.  Yesterday he came in, rosy cheeked, flapping his arms, declaring that he was finished.  It was too cold to stay outdoors for long and I think that our recent electric bill was still a shadow in the back of his cheque book!  Needless to say, the lighting this season is modest, but beautiful.

Dammit - I wish that I'd removed that broom!

I'm kind of hoping that he lights up the potting shed today - it always adds so much to his display.  

My daughter is here for a few days - she has a surgical procedure tomorrow.  I'm hoping that I can interest her in trimming the indoor tree.  She wants to go through my beads today and make some bracelets.  You didn't know about the beading, did you?  I've mentioned my favorite local bead shop, but probably didn't reveal the extent to which I fell under its subtle addictive spell.  I used to bead weekly, for hours at a time, so intensely that new prescription lens AND Ott lights became part of the equipment!  No regrets.  But I think that I am ready to pass the torch, or, the beads down to daughter!

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Bea said...

The lighting is lovely and the broom is not noticible. I had to go back and look to take it in as something not supposed to be there. I totally think you should pass the beading to your daughter if you don't want it and she does. I hope her procedure went well!