Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The last day of the long weekend found me hustling to finish projects.  Where does the time go?  When the sewing mojo moves me I slip into a trance and the hours and minutes race by.  Before I know it, the sun has set and the animals are rustling about - hoping for a treat.  Cold pots and a dark kitchen are signs - true signals that I am trying to meet a goal!  I did manage to complete my mother's new curtains.  She likes them.

They warm the room where we hung them and make mom feel more secure.  The old cafes didn't close and she likes to feel cozy and sealed in when the darkness comes - these do the trick!

I skeined some Blue Sky Alpaca cottons - little projects await, and NO!  I did not purchase any yarn - these are stash busters.  I am holding true to my word NOT to purchase any yarn before the new year arrives.  Hmmph!

This is a piece that I am secretly making - I sewed the binding on and if you look closely, you'll see that I am doing a running outline stitch in hot pink embroidery thread on selected blooms - this has been a lot of fun.  It should be finished by the weekend.
Last, but not least, one of the blocks for my new mantle runner.

When I look at these projects lined up together I feel as though I am all over the place!!!  But it's all good.


Bea said...

Really lovely projects. Love the little snowman.

Paulina said...

Where do you find the time to do so much what with taking care of family, work and all? I marvel at all you do. Maybe I waste my time somehow.