Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We rushed after work on Monday night so that we could walk across the Hudson River on the newly renovated Rail Trail which measures 1.5 miles one direction.  We were pretty excited until we got to the gate and were turned back by a pair of oh-so-stern NYS troopers.  I guess that no one is allowed on the bridge after dusk - maybe they assumed that we wouldn't be able to make it back in time.  The Bean, The Can-Do-Guy and I were all very very disappointed.

Earlier in the weekend, someone was able to get on the bridge with absolutely NO trouble.  Unfortunately, because I am technically challenged, I cannot manage to bring the image to you of my son, working color guard for his fire company.  It's a great shot and I'm sorry that you don't get to see it.  He looks great in that uniform and those white gloves!

My Mammie Dolls are all dressed up for the fall season.  My cousin, who is a gifted dollmaker, sent these lovelies to me a few years ago and I made their dresses and britches.

She is a painter and a magician and a horse-rescuer ... just for starters.  I love her and I admire her very much.  I can't think of anything that she cannot paint or create.  


Bea said...

Sorry you couldn't walk the bridge. Sounds like it would be fun.

Love your dolls outfits!

Paulina said...

Always so many rules. Like you can't walk on a bridge after dark because you might----fall through a hole? fall off? encounter a dragon? Be kidnapped by Robert Redford?

I love dolls. I haven't made a doll in ages. I should get back into it. I miss them.