Monday, October 26, 2009


Musquee de Provence, Long Island Cheese, Lumina, Rouge Vif d'Etampes, Atlantic Giant, Connecticut Field, Jack Be Little, Winter Luxury Pie, Kumi Kumi, Yokohama, Futtsu, Paw Paw .... the names are every bit as fascinating as the pumpkins and gourds that I adore.  It's a long love affair, I assure you, and one that never fades.  Ask the Can-Do-Guy about the year that I 'encouraged' him to roto-till half of the property to plant pumpkins!  Or about the time that I brought the last 'cinderella pumpkin' of the season in to grace the Thanksgiving table and it stayed on through April - never even hinting at rot or softening!  (we really MUST turn the thermostat up this winter!)

Pumpkins make me happy.  I love their dependable and robust growing habits - how they trail all around the garden, visiting the rhubarb, making their way over to see the cabbages ...  the way their leaf foliage stands at attention and holds the pose up until frost ... the unexpected pleasure of their orange skins, or the ghostly white luminas, shimmering under a harvest moon.

No small wonder that when I first laid eyes on this Moda fabric, I squeaked with happiness!  I held onto these panels for a long time.  Last year I started pulling my favorite fabrics for Chinese Coins and somehow the coins and the panels came together.

Some favorite reading with the favorite quilt ...

And because I NEED for you to understand what a truly exemplary machine quilter Linda Hibbert Silver Linings Originals is - I give you the flip side of this piece ...

Choosing which side to show is always a problem.

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Paulina said...

I am in awe. When I make a garment, the lining is always as spectacular as the shell. This woman creates the same vision. This is a beautiful piece. Don't you just love art? I just can't imagine living my life without it! What do people do with their lives? All this color, texture, all these mediums, swirling around the universe - how can you not play with it all? Look at what you have done. Can you imagine not being able to do this? Or to not be able to turn a pumpkin into a pie?