Saturday, October 17, 2009


The weather held - what a delight.  We had a perfect day for the festival - cold and crisp, brilliant.  The highlight of my day was meeting Anne Hanson in person and her lovely friend, Kim.  No, I didn't take pictures - it seemed too common a request and besides, it was a fleeting moment - best savored and turned over in the mind's eye.  I was lucky enough to attend this show with my BFF Patty, and we really had a wonderful day.  Autumn had painted the sugar maples just in time for the knitters -

Lots of food vendors to choose from, but we were anxious to peruse the aisles and make our selections and head over to see the livestock - really, what is Sheep and Wool without the creatures who provide the fiber?

Isn't she sweet?  I am absolutely smitten with these animals - 

This one didn't share the sentiment.  In fact, he was one downright scary dude!

That's Tulip.  She's cashmere - a mere slip of a creature.  Patty tried to purchase her.  I wondered out loud where Patty (a) planned on keeping her, and (b) what part of livestock/barn works with person/house?  Too much.  We left without her.  

This guy was just downright majestic, and a kind soul to boot.  He tolerated his grooming like a good sport and had leftover good cheer for his audience.  Him, I'D take home!  Imagine the great butting contests he and the Harley dog would have!

There were bunnies galore and a pair of these gorgeous guys -

There were exotic animals that were fascinating - tortoise and kangeroos and striped lemurs.  Are you wondering about fiber?  There was an abundance.  I found some incredible merino and alpaca blend - it was a wonderful bargain, so I stocked up.  Do you love those buttons?  Love at first sight - I'll build a sweater around them!

On the way home I had to make a quick stop at the local quilt shop - my head has been buzzing with a new quilt idea that incorporates orange (what a surprise!) white and gray.

Got home, tired and happy - there was one fellow who was a bit annoyed that he had missed his walk.  We'll take care of that.


Bea said...

Glad you had a good time at sheep and wool!

Paulina said...

How I miss the sheep and wool festivals in NH and Vermont. I can't wait to come back East. At the mere mention that I really don't like the west coast people are mortified. People here can't imagine living anywhere else. From my perspective, the locals only understand "getting it dirt cheap"! Here, people do not understand feel, texture, quality, beauty. You pictures are wonderful. I can almost smell the animals.