Thursday, October 15, 2009


 What do you think of my Halloween candle?  Lally gave it to me when she picked up her quilt the other day.  The packaging is gorgeous and the fragrance of the candle indescribably beautiful.

Just sitting around knitting with my buddies.  Harley has a new toy, courtesy of my son.  He loves it, even when he shakes the devil out of it and gets hit simultaneously on each side of his head.  He also trips when he runs with it.  He is a very funny fellow, and so good-natured.  

oh,oh, here comes trouble.  That cat is always trying to steal Harley's thunder, as well as his people.  Never mind that the cat was here first.  Bella has given this dog a wide berth from day one.  She taunts him whenever my back is turned, but I like to think that they have established an agreeable living arrangement. 

Maybe not.

I've been watching the weather channel pretty anxiously.  Sheep and Wool is going to be 'enjoyed' with a good old fashioned nor'easter in town.  This means wet, cold, windy soaking conditions all weekend long.  The sheep will have their coats on, and the knitters had best do the same!  Time to pull out the sweaters and hats.

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Bea said...

Candle sounds like it would smell really good. I always thought dogs shook their toys with the purpose of hitting themselves in the head...