Thursday, May 31, 2012

quietly working

Haven't been ignoring this blog intentionally - just lots to do, to make!  First up - knitting.  When my friend Patty gave me another enormous bag of yarn I decided to break out a color that I rarely (if ever) use -
This is Cascade 220 and it is really really lemon yellow.
The morning light diffuses the strength of this color, believe me! Do you like my little pea pods?
So much fun to knit!
There's been quilting too.   I am making a new wall hanging for my office.  
'It's Five O'clock Somewhere' is the theme.  What office wouldn't enjoy this sentiment?  
I tried to include something for everyone!  
I like how this piece is shaping up.  We've had a lot to do with the sale of my mother's house and the eminent packing and moving, so finding time to quilt is an effort.  Needless to say - other things have suffered (housework and weeding!)  
The piecing keeps me calm and centered through this latest storm.  Speaking of storms, we've had some aggressive behavior from Mother Nature this week - including a authentic tornado watch!  Thankfully, the tornado never materialized.  My New Dawn is enjoying the wet and humid weather -
Always pleasing -
There's a clematis getting ready to join this riot of beauty.


Suz said...

ha ha riot
yep that's how it seems sometimes in the garden
LOVE your pea pod
so much talent!
and the quilt...wonderful and delightful....would cheer me

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I love your knitting, the little pea pod design is so pretty and delicate. I also love the color, it is very bright and sunny. We have had so much rain the last week, getting the tail end of that big tropical storm. I am looking forward to a sunny day so the bright yellow is very appealing! What a cute wall hanging, I know it will look wonderful hanging in your office and everyone is going to really enjoy it. I am sorry to hear that you are having to sell your Mom's house and go through all that. We had to do that too and I know how exhausting and challenging it can be. It brought up a lot of memories and emotions. I hope it all comes together for you just the way you would like it to. It is a very loving thing to do. Have a restful evening ahead and enjoy working on all of your beautiful projects! With Love, Delisa :)

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I just thought I would pop by and say hello tonight. I hope you are having a good evening. It has been raining here all afternoon. Everything is so incredibly green this month and growing. We had 8 deer in our back meadow this evening and a new little fawn that I had not seen before. It was so cute, I was able to get a good look with the binoculars before they hopped back into the woods. I hope you have a restful evening ahead and happy knitting. Delisa :)