Friday, May 25, 2012

one for me ... one for you

The new feeder is finished and in place - made entirely of cedar, including the nesting branches.
It's going to weather beautifully and outlast the elements for many many years.
The feeder stack has a swivel top to protect from the rain and there is drainage on the flooring to ensure dry feed.  If you like it, you can now order one for your own garden!  The Carpenter has gone into production.
More to follow!


Delisa said...

Hi Jody! These are great pictures, the flowers are so beautiful and I love the bird feeder. We had fun decorating bird houses last year and hung several up in our trees. They were so cheerful and bright during the winter when all the leaves were gone. I was surprised too to see the birds really use them. Each one had a nest. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead! Delisa :)

Zoey said...

Those peonies are beautiful! I wish I had that pink one. I am excited as I have a new one that I planted a three summers ago and it finally going to flower. I think it's red.