Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iris in the rain

The black iris is so fragile that this gentle rain, if it continues to fall, will shatter the bloom by morning.  Luckily, I love to take photos in all kinds of inclement weather.
Art imitates Nature - here is my version-
Perhaps I should have taken this outdoors for the natural lighting. . . I don't think that I did this little piece any justice!  It was very enjoyable to quilt freehand.  Lately I have been giving myself permission to break out of my old tried and true methods.  It's good to be open to new techniques.  I want my quilts to be informed by tradition, but not restricted.  There is something missing.  Something painterly.  Something free, something more emotional.  
I do believe that imitation IS the purest form of flattery.
So you can expect to be seeing new elements in my work.  I have so very much to imitate right here in my own backyard.  In the rain.
The hosta collection brings so much to the table in terms of form and color.
And there's plenty more where they came from!  The grapes are stretching to embrace their arbor this season.  It's a relief!  I was worried that they would give up and spiral downward.
Carson came over and tied them this weekend and they are looking happy and well adjusted.  Have you ever seen tiny grapes as they form on the vine?
Wouldn't you know that a little breeze blew in as soon as I started shooting?  I want to learn more about viticulture, but I always fall asleep with my nose in the book!
The gigantic pergola is beginning to "grow" on me.  Its scale troubles me from time to time, but I've decided to focus on planting trees to dwarf it!  

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Delisa said...

Hi Jody, wow girl, your free hand style quilting is really wonderful! I love how you recreated that iris! It amazes me, you have so much talent, everything is always so unique and the shading you get with your different fabrics and techniques make the quilts look like a work of art. I really love looking at pictures and seeing what your work looks like as it progresses along. Rest well tonight and have a great day tomorrow! Delisa :) Happy Quilting and Gardening!