Sunday, October 30, 2011

snow in October

It's so exciting to live in the northeast where we have WEATHER!  What could be more boring than to live in a place where the weather never changes?  It's been snowing for a few hours and the roads are lethal.  I've been outdoors with a broom, attempting to beat the heavy snow from my tender trees and such.  It may be a losing battle.
An image taken through the screen.  Here's another - the bird feeder, which seems very popular with our feathered friends.
And the trusty flamingo is disappearing under a veil of white ...
But there has been knitting - all kinds of knitting!  First up - a headband for my daughter who cannot tolerate these nor'easters!
I love the cables on this piece.  And I have a cashmere cowl for my mom-
So pretty - wrapped in the last lavender of the season -
It's indescribable - a whisper, a floating warmth - my friend Becky says that wearing cashmere feels like a hug.
The Miss Babs Yowser arrived in this delicious shade called Dahlia.  Cowls.  Mitts.  Hats.  Gorgeous when paired with grey or black or cream.  I'm involved in a serious affair with these fibers from Miss Babs.  Have I mentioned that they remind me of the early Rowen DK's?  That's right.

The Halloween quilt didn't slide under the deadline that I set for myself.  I've decided to keep plugging away until it's finished.  I especially like these two blocks in the left corner... the background fabric is precious to me.
Scott brought cottons back from his Australian trip several years ago, and I've not been able to bring myself to cut into them. They are so beautiful and unique, but wasting away in the cupboard!  Stashing fabric has lost its appeal for me.  
This ladybug and the elephant below are the beginnings of a baby quilt.  More to come ...


Anonymous said...

The nasturtiums are glorious! COlor! Color! Maybe that is what I hate about WInter - there is no color. But I see that you are busy on SO MUCH, bringing color inside year round!

Zoey said...

Wow, Jody, you have a lot of projects going. I can imagine how great that cashmere will feel around the neck this winter.

I like the Halloween quilts. Are you making a full border of the bats?

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! You sure have been busy and accomplishing so much! It's hard to believe there is snow up north already. Your quilts are so beautiful. I set deadlines for myself sometimes too, but sometimes certain projects are just too pretty to be rushed. I love how you get such a three dimensional look to your quilts. I have never seen anything quite like it. And the way you use the colors to do shading is amazing.

I have had a busy week and haven't even picked up my needles for days which isn't like me at all. I have got to make some time tonight! My fingers are getting tingly. I'm still working on the gold shawl and am about half way through another glove. Have a lovely afternoon ahead and be careful on those snowy roads! Delisa :)