Thursday, November 3, 2011

wool and cashmere

Such a WONDERFUL concept!  Kate Davies of the Needled blog ( put together a month long celebration of wool.  Do go over and have a look.  I have been an admirer from the first read - she is the consummate knitter and scholar!  If I ever run low on inspiration or gratitude I hop on over to Needled.  The world shifts back into view.

Wool has always been my first choice, and since we are celebrating wool this November I am hard pressed to talk about my current project.  I'll whisper.  cashmere ... cashmere from Lobster Pot.
It was time to break out the cashmere that my mom had brought back from Nantucket for me this summer.  It is so delicious that I can hardly stand it.  
Like Delisa's (Dances With Yarn) cotton balls growing in her Georgia fields, only more sublime.  I keep wondering how I ever passed over cashmere ... oh, that's right - the outrageous prohibitive cost! It's worth every darn penny.
If only you could lean in and touch this.  What am I knitting, you ask?  If might be my favorite for 2011.
I fully expect to live in this piece ... sleep in it, walk the dog in it ... go to the market and maybe to work in it!  
And believe it or not, there is another cowl being shaped.  This pattern is one of those wonderful staples that you can carry with you and pick up and not have to worry about counting - it's the perfect knit for when you are waiting on a line or perhaps sitting with your colleagues in a boring meeting  ... you get the picture!   Honey Cowl found on the Madelinetosh website - FREE! 
Miss Babs has colors in her repertoire that are just astonishing!  
We love this 'dahlia' with black or grey.
How pretty this is when paired with the blueberry bushes!  
So many people in the northeast have been hammered with this past storm - our cherry tree lost a huge branch, but we never lost our power.  Fall has slipped away - my sister says that the baton has been passed.  So sad.  No leaf peeping, no lovely foliage.


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, so sorry to see the damage to your tree and to hear about the terrible storms. I am sad too that your autumn was cut short. My blogging friend Joanne, over at Whole Latte Life, has been without power for six days! Wow, and they are having temperatures in the 20's at night. I hope you all are keeping warm.

Your projects are so beautiful! Oh the joy of cashmere! I ventured into the "sublime" world of cashmere a couple of years ago when I knitted a scarf using some pale peach cashmere I purchased in Asheville North Carolina. It was heavenly to work with. I went up there for a family wedding and stumbled upon one of the best yarn stores I have seen called "Yarn Paradise". What a name! They had some of the most unique, and beautiful fibers I have ever come across.

I hope you have a nice evening tonight. Happy knitting! Delisa :)

Paulina said...

I can't believe you! I am making one of these twisted circle scarves for you too! Can you believe it? Mine is from hand spun wool in its raw color and should protect you through your winter. Isn't it wonderful?