Sunday, October 9, 2011

heat wave - still knitting

These are the golden days - when it's almost 75 degrees by mid afternoon.  It won't last, but we are outdoors as much as possible to savour every moment!
This guy is always ready for a game!  When he tires he will sit under a tree and keep an eye on me while I knit.  He doesn't realize that it works the other way around!
To some, the cleome may seem weed-like.  To me, it's particular devotion for late flowering is perfection.  There are only a handful of autumn blooms lingering in the garden now, and they are cherished.
The perennial geranium - early up, late down.  And here's a surprising discovery-
The pumpkins are not ready to say good night!  I wonder if the chipmunks and skunks are keeping these tender meals on their radar.   There has been knitting!  A much awaited book arrived last week -
That's right -  it's the new Starmore book of charts and it was worth waiting for.  I highly recommend this one.
When I first started knitting 20-something years ago, I was fascinated by stranded color work.  Back then, the selection of available fibers was bleak.  Today we have a virtual potpourri to choose from and I am inspired to return to this knit-form!  
New mittens.  Does anyone have any ideas about lining these?  I've never lined a mitten, but this yarn seems to be asking for some additional warmth.  The lace cuff poses a few problems, yes?  Help.
I'm also working on a design of my own!  I had a good amount of Classic Elite Dutchess in (my signature color -ballet slipper pink), and it was calling to me.  I wanted something chunky, yet soft.  There will be pom-poms.
Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool commences next weekend.  I've started a list of the vendors that I absolutely cannot miss this year - Sanguine Gryphon, Miss Babs, Briar Rose ... which reminds me that I MUST buy a new pair of sneakers!  I plan to be on my feet for many hours.

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Delisa said...

Hi Jody, Harley looks like he is having a blast! It rained all day here and we are having some flash flood warnings the next county over. It has been cozy though being indoors. I love your mittens! The colors and the design are beautiful. I can't wait to see what they look like when you are finished. Ballet slipper pink is my favorite too. I have just started a crocheted lace shawl, in a heather gray color. I hope you have a great time at the fiber show! Have a lovely sunday evening! Delisa :)