Saturday, October 1, 2011

peach and orange

Fiberphile offered a beautiful sock yarn last March which they called 'Sakura'.  Some of its proceeds went to Japan Earthquake Relief which further sweetened the deal, so I sent for a skein.  The fiber is squishy and wonderful and although I dragged my feet finishing, I did enjoy this knit.
These will get tucked away for warmer weather as they are so lightweight.  And truthfully, they are almost too soft to wear!  
The giant pumpkin made it as far as the front porch.  It weighs several hundred pounds!
Harley laid down beside it for a reference in size - remember that he weighs over 90 pounds himself!
Autumn seemed to skip into the valley this afternoon.  I had to close all of the windows as the temperatures dropped swiftly.  I spent time in my sewing room, pushing myself to finish the Halloween quilt before the end of the month.
It's not going well - elements were added and subtracted - I've hit a wall, but will persevere!  It's always so curious to me how productive I become - how I manage to shift gears after I return to my day job.  When I come home at night I find myself wanting to work on my projects, weariness aside.  Time takes on a new meaning.  During the summer I have no problem crashing and burning in the evening!  I guess that this is what sets holiday apart from the normal work week.  I posted on Fbook last week that I want to be a Stay-At-Home-Someone!  Truly.  But I am too young to retire.
Do you tie up your ornamental grasses in the fall?  Mine are falling over and lying on the ground.  I've noticed that the grasses at the college are sheared to the ground.  They look like a row of bad haircuts!
Did I mention that I had company in the sewing room today?
Woman's Best Friend.  


jayneonweedstreet said...

Hello Harley!
They say if you want something done, find a busy woman to do it!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Oh, Harley looks so sweet! He is a beautiful dog and looks like such a dear companion. Barkley likes to come in and stay with me when I work in my sewing room too. I will usually bring in several of his favorite toys and he will sit at the foot of my chair while I knit, playing until he gets eventually falls asleep. His gentle presence is so much company to me.

Harley looks a little darker and more auburn than Barkley. But it looks like they both have those pretty egyptian-type eyes. My friend who is a breeder says that golden's usually have wide oval eyes, or narrower egyptian eyes with the liner underneath. Barkley's father was red but his mother was the blondest, lightest golden I have ever seen. He is kind of a mixture of the two.

Your socks are feather light! I have never tried knitting with the tiny needles yet. I have some thin angora sock yarn I picked up when I was in Denver last year that I have been saving. It is just the color of peach ice cream and the softest yarn I have ever felt.

I think I always become more productive in the autumn and winter as well. The doctor's say with my arthritis and other conditions, that I am suppose to feel "better" in the summer, but I come alive in the autumn. I feel better when the weather is not so humid and hot. I think better, I feel more cozy, more happy to be inside, and more creative.

I have a theory. I think for me when the days are longer, and it doesn't get dark till 8:00 p.m. I feel more pressured to keep on being in "work" mode. But when it gets dark early, I feel permission to stop, rest and enjoy my evening. I love eating dinner when it is dark outside too. Everything just slows down a little and I think that helps me feel more productive with my writing and fiber crafts.

I hope you have a good night's rest and a wonderful day tomorrow! Can't wait to see your finished quilt! Delisa :)

Anonymous said...

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