Tuesday, October 18, 2011

rhinebeck 2011

Sheep and Wool is over and I, for all intents and purposes, nearly missed the party.  My dear friend Chrissy drove us there early Saturday morning, as I had been up all night drowning in my, well, cold.  I was in no shape to drive, let alone walk around the fairgrounds.  Chrissy was her sweet patient and tolerant self.  She made me laugh (which may have resembled the sound of a beluga whale snorting) and didn't seem to mind that I had to stop every few feet to honk and pant.  Enough about me.  I just want to warn you - there will be no adorable animal shots.  I saw the joey in his momma's pouch, and along with thousands of other knitters, I swooned.  But the camera was too much effort.  I had to save myself for the yarn.

We found our way to Sanguine Gryphon moments after the show opened.  The line was formidable.  We moved on.
The koi pond outside of the horticultural building was deep and serene.  We really enjoyed magnificent weather - the kind that you pray for when visiting this event.

  Chrissy is the kind of person who totally ABSORBS her surroundings.  She takes in small details that others (myself included) miss.  I know that I hurried her in and out of the buildings.  I'm sure that I made her a little crazy in my mad pursuit of one vendor. . . to say that I DRAGGED her to bldg C might be an understatement.  But in my defense, bldg C housed both Miss Babs AND Signature Needle Arts!
Northumbria DK - Luna, in granite.  
Skeined and ready to be gauged ... this may become my new go-to yarn.  The Buddha approves -
There was a lengthy wait at Signature.  I used the time to mentally balance my check book... another purchase was possible ...
The maiden voyage of my brand new Signature DPN's!!!!!!  OMG.  I am so stoked about these needles that I haven't got the language.  They. Are. Brilliant.  
The completed Wishbone cap by Carol Sunday - the weather was so fine that I didn't have to use it.  But I discovered that Chrissy loved it, so I ordered some of Carol's gorgeous Eden yarn to make one for my friend.  After all, it's the least I can do for someone who endured my nose-blowing crabbiness.  And listen to this - she went back to the show on Sunday with some friends and picked up SIgnature DPN's in size 5!!!!  OMG OMG OMG.  Just what I need for this hat.    I cannot understand why Carol Sunday has not been invited to participate in Sheep and Wool at Rhinebeck.  Can anyone explain to me how the jury process works for this event?  

One little postscript... I usually make haste and visit Chris at the Briar Rose booth FIRST.  It's the only way to see her before the mob moves in.  I got there a bit late on Saturday morning (what, with the nose-blowing and all) and I could SEE her, but I couldn't get inside the booth.  I turned to walk away and bumped into Anne Hanson.  I was wearing my Hillflowers shawl knitted in Chris's Briar Rose fiber.  The Designer, the Fiber Magician and the Knitter.  This is what it is all about.  I wanted to jump up and down and point and twirl.  I somehow contained myself.  


MLS said...

Love the granite pix! Hope your cold is better.
-Mary Lou

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I'm so happy you got to go to the show! I thought about you all weekend. Are you feeling better now? I'm sorry you didn't get to see all of the exhibits, but it sounds like you made it to some of your favorites. What a trouper! You have me curious about the new DPNs, I'm going to look those up. Have a nice restful afternoon and feel better soon! Delisa :)