Sunday, September 25, 2011

one sock down ...

Konnichiwa was a quick finish - it's twin is on the needles.  It wanted to pose - showing off its girly side ...
as well as the masculine nature of the knit - sturdy and strong!
Such instant gratification - who knew that a sock could be completed in one evening!  I'll confess that I cast on the second knit from Knitted Socks East and West - ' Chouwa' which could loosely translate into something close to harmony.  I'm using Lorna's Laces 'Solemate'.  Merino and Nylon and something called 'Outlast'.  Harmony for sure.
Total sucker for this, or any yarn that hints of the pond-scum green that I so dearly love.
Here it is, resting on my last pumpkin of the summer garden.  If you look closely, you will see the green mold that is coating the steps.  Dangerous stuff - what great falls are made of!  Really, this is the only time that I'm not thrilled to see my color. We need to replace these steps entirely.  There's been some talk about a deck with a hot tub.  Be still my heart!
And of course the Halloween fun continues!


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, beautiful socks! I really like the pattern and the stitch you used on the heel. One sock in one night, wow even on large needles that is quite a feat! (no pun intended) ha ha. Can't wait to see the next pair!

I'm on the ring finger of the second glove of my second pair, and making good progress. I feel pretty motivated to learn how to do this because my hands get very cold in the winter and I love wearing gloves. I rarely find any that fit just right in the store. It is nice being able to get every finger just the right length.

Your quilting is wonderful, you have a knack for making each piece look so three dimensional. I especially love the picture you have of the dog on the side bar. It takes a lot of artistry to get the different shadings just right using fabric!

I hope you have a nice Sunday evening, I have been resting today and watching old Fred Astaire musicals and episodes of Dr. Who. I guess that is kind of an odd combination, but it works! :) Delisa

Zoey said...

That a nice stitch (cable?)pattern on the socks. I am impressed that you made it in one evening. It looks so complicated to me.

Love the pumpkins. I think they are so much fun to make. Right now I am working on fairy godmother #3.