Sunday, May 15, 2011


We live cyclical lives - or, at least, I do.  When things seem vaguely familiar I do not think - 'deja vu' - instead, I go to the source, the cyclical nature of life, of MY life, and am satisfied. 
 I am dreaming again.  Frightening, desolate landscapes emerge - fraught with the feeling of helplessness and loss and neglect.  I am learning the things that I need to know.  I am reinventing myself - yet again.

Sometimes I find myself caught up and crashing - a branch flung into a surging river - propelled headlong into a merciless current.  The rapids eventually spill into a quiet place where waters are gentle and still and one has time to collect oneself.  In this place it becomes clear that I am lost in old behaviors, lulled into expecting a new outcome.  A sea change is in the works.

Before long I may ask you to meet me in another place - a Blogger-less place.  Stay tuned, if you will.  
Today I treated myself to the first pedicure of the season.  I enlisted my new salon socks.
The Korean ladies at the nail salon were very interested in my creation!  They wanted their very own pair of pedicure socks!  We may not understand one another's language, but I have found that I can always communicate with women when we are discussing knitting!  When I examine the care and devotion that is given to my winter feet, I realize that we are not at all different in our pursuit of excellence!  This realization makes for generous tipping!  I want the pedicurists to know how much I value their work.  Perhaps I'll make socks all around - how wonderful!
Lilacs.  Mother's Days cards.  A swatch being knitted.  This life seems difficult, but miraculous.


Suz said...

oh needed that pedicure didn't you?
Well hooray for you for getting your butt out and getting are know the paid attention....
Now, let me have gorgeous feet..can I say that..woman to woman you do....nice color too
I call this behavior romancing yourself
only we know what we need..
I am sad that life is difficult for you now,
Your work on the side of the blog is so beautiful
take comfort and pride in your great ability
and about a massage next?
you'll be fine....and all will be well

JelliDonut said...

It's weird--I don't dream. And by the looks of my feet I don't get pedicures either. Yours if lovely. You have model-esque feet, and a generous heart.